Our Place

Our Place

Welcome to our beautiful and charming home in Crete named after the Greek goddess Thalia who embodied these virtues

About 15 km from the beautiful Cretan town of Chania on the green picturesque hills along the coastal road lies our pastoral agricultural village - Xamoudochori.

A short 5 minute drive from the coastal road on a new modern road brings you up the hill to our village. Villa Thalia stands on one of the highest spots of the village, so that as you enter the gate and park your car you cannot avoid the beautiful view of the hills, the blue Mediterranean sea embraced by the many bays and the Spata peninsula. It may be hard to get used to "The sound of silence" which is disturbed every now and then by the soft sound of the distant bells of the churches in the valleys that surround us. However, you will also have to get used to the clean fresh crisp air and light breeze that you will find yourself in. Once you've spent a day in the hot sun on the beach you may need something warm to wear in the late evening hours as you sit by the pool and enjoy a glass of Greek wine with some of our summer fruits.

A 2 minute walk will take you to the center of the village to the Cafeneo of our neighbour and dear friend Aleko. At the Cafeneo we get our mail and fresh bread every morning. You can join the villagers on the terrace taking their morning coffee as the sun comes up and they are back from completing some chores in their fields. In the evening and late into the night you can join them for a cold beer or a shot of our special Tsikoudia-Raki that is produced in our village and listen to them discussing serious matters. This is our local Parliament and we suspect that some of their ideas are better than the ones brought up in the Parliament in Athens. When Yorgo (the guy who will meet you upon your arrival) is in the right mood you may join him at the Cafeneo for a game of backgammon. Just don't try the Cafeneo in the "after lunch" hours. When it comes to the famous healthy Cretan nutrition, the "siesta" is a "must" to let the body absorb the healthy food.

When you arrive we will provide you with a list of restaurants and businesses that we recommend. We do not collect any commission from these premises but make sure that upon mentioning the fact that you are our guests you will get the best service. Some of the places that we will mention to you will be off the main "tourist areas", those that are frequented mostly by locals. If you happen to like a certain dish we can provide you with the proper recipe. As we live next door to Villa Thalia we will make sure that you will get any information and help that you may need during your stay with us.

Villa Thalia is surrounded by groves of olive trees and other fruit trees. Upon your arrival you will find, among the provisions with which we will welcome you, a bottle of our own olive oil with its rich taste and aroma. If you stay with us during harvest time you can join us, and have your own olive oil pressed to the taste and aroma that you like. Once you get in touch with us by e-mail or by phone we will be happy to provide any further information that you may require.